3 Lousy, but Popular, Methods for Calculating Flat Fees

April 26, 2017

If you’ve worked predominately on hourly fee contracts—billing customers after the fact for tasks that are already completed—you know that business model is not without its flaws.

Clients often balk at fees, wondering how they added up so quickly, or express genuine alarm that they had no idea how expensive the process would be. Sometimes they demand you work faster or do fewer site visits or allow them to perform a few tasks so they can save on fees.

Switching to a flat fee method for billing, may sound like the perfect solution. And, it could be. But not if you are calculating fees like most designers. In our Business of Design podcast EP 006 3 Lousy but Popular Methods for Calculating Flat Fees we’ll look at what not to do so you can leave that behind and open the door to some new ideas and new strategies.

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