BOD Chapters are made possible by the supportdedication and tireless commitment of volunteer BOD members. Everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute. 
Each BOD Chapter (listed below) is represented by a BOD Advocate. A BOD Advocate is a volunteer who will act as your first point of contact to joining the local group. The BOD Advocate also acts as a liaison with Business of Design, Inc. 
Below is a list of BOD Chapters and contact information for BOD Advocates. If you don’t see a BOD Chapter located near you, we would be pleased to help you start one. 

Start a BOD Chapter in your city!


California – Piedmont Chapter

BOD Advocate: Kathryn MacDonald
Phone: (510) 693-9502
Email: [email protected]

California – San Francisco Bay Chapter

BOD Advocate: Martha Rosellini
Phone: (925) 719-1419
Email: [email protected]

Florida – Boca Raton Chapter

BOD Advocate: Beatriz Pascuali
Phone: (407) 405-1197
Email: [email protected]

Idaho – Priest Lake Chapter

BOD Advocate: Kris Buttice
Phone: (509) 499-5591
Email: [email protected]

Tennessee – Nashville Chapter

BOD Advocate: Deborah Hayden
Phone: (615) 490-2637
Email: [email protected]

Texas – Dallas Chapter

BOD Advocate: Teresa Morgan
Phone: (214) 460-1460
Email: [email protected]

Washington – Seattle Chapter

BOD Advocate: Faith Sheridan
Phone: (206) 973-3743
Email: [email protected]

Wisconsin – Madison Chapter

BOD Advocate: Maria Kovach
Phone: (608) 513-0309
Email: [email protected]


Alberta – Calgary Chapter

BOD Advocate: Ellen Walker
Phone: (403) 391-2677
Email: [email protected]

British Columbia – North Vancouver Chapter

BOD Advocate: Lori Steeves
Phone: (778) 233-0361
Email: [email protected]

Ontario – Ancaster Chapter

BOD Advocate: Charlie Coull
Phone:(905) 531-4104
Email: [email protected]

Ontario – London Chapter

BOD Advocate: Darcie Janzen
Phone: (226) 402-3228
Email: [email protected]

Ontario – Vaughan Chapter

BOD Advocate: Loretta Kukkonen
Phone: (647) 226-5934
Email: [email protected]


New South Wales – Sydney

BOD Advocate: Donna Allen
Phone: (+61) 4-1246-3372
Email: [email protected]

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