BOD™ Money Mindset, Expertise, Value

At Business of Design®, we spend a lot of time talking about money. It’s not because money is the only thing that matters to us. Not at all. However, a business that isn’t profitable is doomed. To run a successful interior design business (the one you dreamed of owning when you started out), you must gain mastery over money.

In this program you will learn:
  • the power of uncovering your subconscious money mindset
  • frequently used excuses for staying stuck or self-handicapping
  • an absence of fear is not a prerequisite to taking positive action
  • your design fees will attract one client, and repel another
  • commodities are interchangeable, but expertise is difficult to replace
  • your ideal client has a unique set of needs, which you can solve
  • a well-defined position attracts your ideal client
  • you do your best work when you are the expert
LENGTH | 1 hour 20 minutes

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