Get Kimberley’s Contract

I meet so many designers who say, I don’t need a contract, I trust people. Or, yeah, I have a contract but I don’t always use it. Or, they have a contract but they allow their clients to make changes to it. Or, they have a contract but it’s different every time. I have one […]

An Effective Contract

#1. Turns the sole proprietor into a corporate “we”. I used to be little ole me, just working, working, working to make my clients happy. I was so busy I didn’t have time to breathe, let alone take weekends off or enjoy an uninterrupted vacation. So keen to build my business and make my clients […]

CEUs Now Available!

Finally! It has been a long time in the works, but we are happy to announce that Business of Design now offers IDCEC Approved CEU courses online. If you’re a member of an organization requiring CEUs, you can now obtain your full requirements from the comfort of your own home.

NEW Course | Charging for Services: Hourly Fees

Deciding what course to take next? Check out one of the original (and most popular) Business of Design courses. Charging for Services: Hourly Fees has been completely revised and updated. If you’ve already taken this key foundational course, it’s worth a second watch.  

WEEK #8 Bootcamp – Share your results and award bonus.

You can’t keep what you don’t give away, so share your insights with others. Your Week #8 Assignments: Assignment #1 – Post an insight you’ve had this summer to your Face Book page or the Business of design Face Book page. Share your findings with your support group or mentor someone who’s just starting out. You […]

WEEK #7 Bootcamp – What’s next? [VIDEO]

You’ve done the work suggested this summer. You rock! It didn’t take a lot of time and yet, it pushed a lot of buttons and stirred a deeper desire to create the business of your dreams. Now, let’s plan for the future. Your Week #7 Assignment: Take the Business of Design online course Design For Living. […]

WEEK #5 Bootcamp – It’s not fate, it’s strategy

I used to think that the number of clients who called, how much they spent and when they started were issues out of my control. I was at the mercy of fate. Today I know that real business doesn’t work like that. I have choice and control when it comes to creating a business that […]

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