WEEK #2 Bootcamp – A problem shared is a problem halved

Last week you identified some of the issues you ran into during the past year of clients. Good for you. It takes courage to look honestly at where we might have done better. You are not alone. In more than 10 years of coaching, with members in 14 countries, we have yet to hear a […]

WEEK #1 Bootcamp – Out with the old, in with the new

Welcome to the BOD Bootcamp! When you really want to make change, the first thing you have to do is identify what is and what isn’t working. In other words, take inventory. Your Week #1 Assignment: Spend 3-5 minutes contemplating each client you serviced this year. Have the list of projects/names in front of you […]

The Doctor is in!

In this three part course, Dealing with Difficult Clients, our fave psychologist, Dr. Ganz Ferrance offers a three-pronged approach to dealing with difficult people—clients, suppliers, trades, or anyone. Make a cup of tea and prepare for some healthy self-talk.

Join a Group and Increase your Success [VIDEO]

You heard Kimberley speak and you’ve read the books. Now  you are convinced you need to implement everything you’ve learned, but it’s overwhelming. Where do you start? Or, once started, what if you’re stalled? Sometimes all you need is focused guidance and support. That’s where group coaching comes in. Use Kimberley to guide you and […]

What do you LOVE about your contract?

Raise your hand if you’re a people pleaser. I don’t have to see you to know that your hand is raised as high as mine. It’s rare that I meet an interior design professional who is not a people pleaser. What could be wrong with that? While it seems like a good thing—we want to make our clients happy […]

Contest | And the Winner is…

CONGRATULATIONS to Megan Leith-Menard of FreshHouse Interior Design who won our survey draw and will receive a 1-hour coaching call with Kimberley.   Thank you to all those who participated in new site survey. The response was amazing and we couldn’t be happier with all of your referrals. We have reviewed all of your feedback and […]

LA Mart to Host Design Week

LOS ANGELES – The L.A. Mart Design Center will hold its popular bi-annual Designer Week focused on the needs of the West Coast interior design community, March 31-April 8 at the L.A. Mart. Some of the events scheduled for the upcoming Design Week include: Business of Design, Part II: Taught by Kimberley Seldon and held […]

And the Survey Says…

We are so excited about the new site – activity has been overwhelming. Thank you! Now, we’re ready for your feedback (good and bad). Take our 3-question survey and because we know your time is valuable, you could win a 1-hour coaching call with Kimberley (value $525.00). Simply send an email to [email protected] with subject line […]

Pro Photo = Pro Designer

I like to think of myself as a decent amateur photographer. But more and more I am humbled by just how amateur I am. On the left is a photo that I took (which I thought was pretty good). On the right a photograph that Donna Griffiths took. No contest. As you scroll through these examples […]

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