Step 1

In the Courses section, click on the category CEU Approved Courses, then select the CEU course you would like to take.

Step 2

Click on Take this Course at the bottom of the description to begin. Then scroll down and click on the first lesson.

Step 3

Complete each video lesson in order. Click on Mark as Complete in the top right corner before moving on to the next lesson.

Step 4

Upon completion of the last lesson in each sub-course, you must complete a short 5-question quiz. Click on Take Quiz to begin. When you have answered all questions, click on Complete Quiz.

Your mark will be shown at the top of the page. If you receive 80% or higher, you can move on to the next course. If not, you may retake the quiz.

Step 5

Complete all lessons and quizzes. Upon completing the final quiz, click on the X in the top right corner to return to the CEU Course homepage. Click on Certificate of Complete at the bottom of the course description.

Save a copy of your Certificate of Complete (PDF or Screen Caption) for your records. Send a copy to [email protected] and your course participation will be submitted to IDCEC.

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