Business of Design® Advocate in Chief, Kimberley Seldon is a working design professional, like you. That means something. With her on your team, you won’t get theoretical advice she read in a book or heard on a podcast. Who has time for that?

Kimberley and Team BOD™ offer proven procedures, strategies and field-tested methods that work for thousands of design professionals around the world.

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BOD™ Coaching with Kimberley Seldon

Need immediate advice for a situation that’s happening right now? Looking for sage counsel from a pro-in-the-know on an on-going issue? Work one-on-one with Business of Design®’s Advocate in Chief, Kimberley Seldon to make strides in your business. Implement the BOD™ systems and be held accountable to achieve greater levels of profitability and success. This is the perfect solution for the designer seeking immediate assistance.

Consultation Sales Training

Improve your qualifying conversation and sales strategy and you’ll increase the number of consultations you sell, land more projects and generate greater success. BOD™ has the training you need to close more deals, today.

Schedule a 1-hour telephone training session and enjoy the immediate results that follow.

BOD™ Coach | Janeen Laudenback

Productivity & Leadership

As the world around us becomes more dynamic, businesses need management and leadership guidance to operate at an optimum level. The BOD™ 15 and the Staff Operations Manual work hand-in-hand to give designers the tools they need to implement systems that will take their business to the next level. Janeen will guide you to effectively use the operation manual within your business, streamline staff and office procedures, and confidently lead your team.

BOD™ Coach | Jodie Carter, Australia

Serious about growth and transformation? I’s time to put an experienced BOD™ BOSS Member on your team. Unlike traditional coaching, which can take years to produce tangible results, our Business of Design® BOSS Members have been where you are, they’ve completed BOD™ business training and implemented it in their business. Adding a BOD™ BOSS Member to your membership will deliver immediate results. They will advise and support you through implementing our proven strategies from the first phone call. No corner of your business will be left to languish.

BOD™ CFO | Larry Goldberg

Financial Coaching exclusive to BOD™ BOSS Members

Get the financial advice you need for your business, from someone you know and trust. BOD™ BOSS CFO, Larry Goldberg is available exclusively to BOD™ BOSS group members. Understand the numbers, make better financial decisions, implement new financial and operational systems to improve your business, implement financial budgets and business plans and improve the profitability of your business.

BOD™ Coach | Sierra Collins

Accountability, Goal Setting, and Results

Your individual personality affects every aspect of your life. That’s why one of the best things you can do to accelerate future growth is to understand what naturally drives you. When you recognize your strengths and weaknesses, you are able to give the task in front of you your best effort. Discovering set personality patterns allows you to more effectively communicate with others.

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