10 Business Essentials for Women Entrepreneurs

10 Essentials to Launch or Improve your Business

15 Step Project Management Strategy

7 Steps to Supersize Profits | Only Optimizers

Accounting Essentials | Jeff Nightingale

Big Boundaries for Small Businesses

Branding Like a Boss | What You Stand For

Budgeting with Precision | Client Budget vs. Wish List

Building an A Team | Suppliers & Trades

Business Planning for Growth

Charging for Services: Hourly Fees

Charging for Services: Managing Discounts

Charging for Services: Project Management Fees

Charging for Services: Travel Fees

CHECKLIST | Countertop Install

CHECKLIST | Step 1: Closing the Consultation Sale

CHECKLIST | Step 3: Trade Day Success

CHECKLIST | Step 4: Execution

CHECKLIST | Step 8 & 9: Installation Work Order

CHECKLIST | Step 10: Styling Bag

Choosing Bedding | 10 Key Steps to Consider

Collecting Billable Hours | A Systematic Approach

Create a Brand Experience | Nicole Heymer

Dealing with Difficult Clients | What Works, What Doesn’t

Defining Your Unique Value & Brand

Design for Living | A blueprint for your life

Designer Math | The Financial Plan

Designing a Custom Closet | Add Value & Function

Dirty Sexy Money | Talk it. Make it. Own it.

Expanding the Client Relationship

Filling the Client Pipeline | Line Up Customers

Getting Paid | Logging, Invoicing, Collecting | 0.4 CEUs

Getting the Job Done Right | Taking Inventory

Goal Setting for Success | A Step-by-Step Approach

Good Better Best | Upholstered Furniture

Group Coaching Sessions | Recordings

Growing Your Business | Managing Client Expectations

Growing Your Business | Targeting better, but fewer, clients

Healthy Boundaries | Business and Life

Hiring Process | 5 Simple Steps

How to Prepare a Quote Request Form

How to Prepare a Worksheet | Be Thorough & Accurate

Ideal Client, Ideal Project, Close the Deal

Increase Raw Income | Effective Strategies

Invoicing for Billable Hours | Establish a Firm Policy

Kimberley’s Flat Fee Contract | MASTER Course

Kimberley’s Hourly Fee Contract | MASTER Course

Launch the Project Right (Steps 1 & 2) | 0.2 CEUs

Logging Billable Hours | Simplify Your Process

Making Cents of your Profit & Loss Statement

Mission Statement | The Heart of Your Company

Mistakes Happen | How to Manage Errors and Missteps

N-E-S-W Choosing Paint Colors by Exposure

NO. What It Really Means | Overcoming Objections

Profit and Loss 101 | Your Financial Scoreboard

Projects to Profits | Calculating Success

Raise Your Rates | A Letter to Clients

Resource Guide to Excellence (RGE) | Contract with Trades

Scaling Your Office | How to Grow

Step 1: The Consultation and Sell Through

Step 2: Contract, Retainer, Project Commencement

Step 3: Trade Day | On-site Meeting

Step 4: Preparing for the Presentation

Step 5: Successful Presentations | Getting a Yes from Clients

Step 6: Placing Orders & Assessing Delivery Times

Step 7: Review Budget & Talk Money with Ease

Step 8 & 9: Construction Period and Receipt of Orders

Step 10: Furniture Installation and Styling

Step 11: Client Reveal | The Moment of Truth

Step 12 & 13: Deficiencies | Identify and Resolve

Step 14 & 15: Project Closure

Strategic Emails | Professional Writing

The Client Binder | A Lasting Impression

The Perfect Match | Your Ideal Client | 0.5 CEUs

The Retainer | You can’t live without it

Top 10 Most Dangerous Designer Ideas

Top 10 Questions: Managing Discounts

Top 10 Questions: Mistakes on the Job

Top 10 Questions: The Consultation

Top 10 Questions: Your Billable Hours

Top 25 Mistakes No Design Professional Should Ever Make

When the Answer is NO | Managing a Job Effectively

Why be the Boss | It’s not a job. It’s a business.

Your P&L: More Profit, Less Loss | Track Results