Business Growth Strategies

If you are an interior design professional looking to move your business to the next level or transition from a sole proprietorship into a thriving enterprise, you’re ready for BOD™ Business Growth Strategies.

Expansion is an exciting prospect, but it takes more than hard work and talent to make it all happen. It takes careful planning and proven strategies. Once you’ve mastered the foundational courses (BOD™ 15 STEP Project Management Strategy™) found within our extensive online design lessons, you are ready to grow your business by adding staff or independent contractors to serve your brand and customer needs.

In addition to bringing on team members or independent contractors, another way to grow your business and its profits is to narrow the field of potential clients down to ideal clients only. Imagine having fewer clients, but each of those clients brings you a satisfying project and a healthier budget. By targeting a customer niche you can excel in, you put yourself in a position to succeed.

If you are looking for strategies to streamline your back-end procedures in order to grow your interior design business, this is the category for you.