Business Foundations, Planning, & Strategy

Whether you’ve recently launched your interior design, decorating, architecture, landscaping or staging business, or you’re transitioning the business you’ve been building for years into something extraordinary, crafting a sound business strategy is essential to reaching any level of true success. Being able to define what success looks like can also open doors and clear a pathway to a bright future as an interior design professional.
Business of Design™ strategies, protocols and systems are delivered in easy to understand learning modules. Within the Business Foundations, Planning, & Strategy category you’ll find many of the fundamental tools you need to succeed. These are tools and strategies we wished we’d learned in design school but didn’t.
We all know when building a home, we need a proper foundation to support the walls and roof. The same is true for your interior design or decorating business. Although some of the course titles may seem to provide content you are familiar with, we encourage you to watch and listen to as many of these courses as possible. Be open to a new experience so you can reap the benefits of your Business of Design™ membership.
You can trust BOD™ to elevate the lessons in an easy to understand way and bring you—the hard-working interior design professional—new insights and motivation to keep you moving towards your goals and dreams.
Start by taking the online course, Design for Living, where you’ll outline a 5-year plan that sets you and your business on a path for true success. If you’ve never written a Mission Statement, you should! Kimberley keeps it simple and straightforward as she discusses the value building her own Mission Statement brought to her already successful design firm. In the course, “Why be the Boss?” you’ll have an opportunity to consider whether or not your interior design business is everything it needs to be in order to satisfy your needs and desires.