Contracts & Legal

A clearly defined contract provides the professional interior designer, decorator, architect, stager, stylist or landscaper with the freedom and ease required to run projects efficiently and effectively and still have the bandwidth to do your best creative work. Within a set of carefully constructed boundaries, the design professional and the client are protected from stress caused by the unknown. A thorough contract will answer a client’s most pressing questions before she even asks them; giving her confidence in your ability to manage the project, the timelines and the budget. Whether you work on an hourly fee or flat fee / value-based basis, Business of Design™ has the contract you need to protect you and your client and to streamline your project management policies.
Many creative professionals are surprised to know that a well-defined, clearly written contract is also one of the key elements required for the designer to increase his or her creative and artistic freedoms. By providing clients with up front assurances, in the form of a written contract, you allow them to relax into the process of renovating or decorating, knowing you are in charge and have everything under control.
As with all of the Business of Design™ online courses you’ll be given the exact wording and specific guidance you need to craft your own detailed, thorough contract—one that protects you and your business as well as the rights and well-being of your clients. In addition, the right contract can teach clients more about your capabilities and talents and inform the way they see you from the outset of your relationship.