Income, Expenses & Analyzing Finances

As interior design professionals, we love the work we do. We feel we have talent and passion and drive. However, most of us feel pressed for the most valuable resource of all—time. That’s why this category of online design courses, although critically important, is sometimes overlooked.
You deserve to make a comfortable or healthy salary for your efforts on behalf of your interior design, interior decorating, staging, styling, landscaping or architectural clients. That’s why you started the business in the first place. In order to define “comfortable” or “healthy”, we need to take time to analyze money coming in (income) and money going out (expenses). Then, we’ll be in the best position to move profitability up. Make no mistake, motivating you to earn more and putting you in a position to be more profitable is part of our mission at Business of Design™.
While most of us are willing to work hard, too often, we spend little or no time analyzing income and expenses. This BOD™ category of online design courses teaches you, the hard-working interior design or decorating professional, how to understand and use your profit and loss statement and how to increase raw income. In the course Projects to Profits, you’ll learn to target a specific number of clients and dollars to meet all your financial needs.
There’s more to protecting the financial health of your business than checking your bank balance. These essential skills will help you build a strong financial foundation, from basic principles to advanced strategic and financial planning.
Business of Design™ is your number one resource for design and business coaching. These online design courses are a field-tested set of systems and protocols that effectively eliminate design management issues—paving the way for success beyond your wildest dreams. Business of Design™ can show you precisely how to put yourself in a position to succeed, to do better work and therefore run a better business.