Group Coaching Sessions

We’re so glad you found Business of Design™. Our mission is to liberate your talent by arming you with systems, strategies and protocols that will allow you to do your best work—work that is deeply satisfying and highly profitable. None of us can do this important and challenging work alone.
Since you’re serious about transforming your business by implementing the systems and procedures you learn through Business of Design™ courses, we want to provide you with all the advice and mentoring you need to make implementation smooth. Take advantage of your Business of Design™ monthly group coaching sessions. This is your opportunity to ask Kimberley anything. Your question might have something to do with a challenging jobsite or a client who won’t take no for an answer, or how to become more profitable or how to market your services. Whatever you need help with, we’d like to help.
During the BOD™ monthly group coaching call you’ll also hear from your peers, whose questions will inspire you and keep you motivated.
You are not alone. As a member of Business of Design™, you have access to Kimberley as your mentor and coach. Schedule the monthly coaching calls in your calendar and submit your most pressing questions in advance.
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