Marketing & Branding

Long before that potential client speaks to you or are introduced to you in person, they meet your reputation or your brand. Although we are creative professionals, we need to project business strength and acumen to give clients the confidence they need to hire us. This BOD™ category of online design courses teaches you, the hard-working interior design or decorating professional, how to create an expert marketing strategy, which you can use on your website and within your social media platforms. A branding and marketing strategy that will target your ideal clients and eliminate time wasting calls that lead to dead-end projects or no project at all.
Every professional business needs a mission statement that broadcasts its purpose and its values. It also needs a way to fill its client pipeline, so workflow is steady and comfortable. A truly successful brand moves well beyond a logo, signature colors and the right font. It’s about the experience of working with you.
If you’re ready to create a new, more meaningful brand experience, this category of courses is right for you.