Systems, Operations & Checklists

The busier your practice becomes, the less you can afford to wing it. Learn how to streamline and systemize day-to-day operations to improve efficiency, make delegation easy, and bring consistency to your client experience.
If you love checklists as much as our Advocate in Chief, Kimberley Seldon does, than this category of BOD™ online design courses is perfect for you. Kimberley shares the powerful checklists that keep her busy design team on top of every detail. Many of the individual steps have their own checklist so there is no room for error when you begin your next decorating or design project.
Despite our best efforts, there are times when things go wrong on a project. It might be an error that was totally out of your hands, yet you’ll still have to solve the problem. Or, maybe you, or someone on your design team made the mistake. In this category you’ll find out how to handle mistakes, what to charge for the time it takes to correct them and how to manage the client’s expectations. You’ll also consider a new way of approaching deficiencies.