Drawing Matters

April 19, 2017

We all want to save our clients money wherever possible. We can do that by becoming more efficient at the tasks we perform—having focus and discipline when we shop on the client’s behalf, creating tight back-end systems for obtaining quotes, ordering product, tracking items, and fine-tuning our project management skills. But you can’t save clients money by skimping on the drawing package. Ultimately, that hurts the client and it hurts you.

It’s imperative to assess early in a project what drawings you need and then produce them as efficiently as possible. For instance, I can’t do any kind of millwork plan without also doing elevations. I can’t do any thorough lighting plan without also doing a reflected ceiling plan. Clients may not understand why we need those drawings, but I know from experience that they are critical to the process and key to getting the project finished on time and on budget.

When it comes to deciding what’s in the drawing package, make sure that’s your decision, not the client’s decision. For more info on the drawing package listen to Business of Design podcast EP 005 Drawing Package with guest interior designer Victoria Drainville.

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