2018 Group Coaching | Oct 24th

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Next Webinar: 

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 | 1:00 – 2:00 pm EST.


Save the Dates:
November 21st and December 12th.

Webinar Recordings
Available only to those who register for the group coaching sessions. A link to the recording will be sent out 24-48 hours following the live group coaching session and available for one month.

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Please submit your questions via email to [email protected] up to 2 hour prior to the webinar and she’ll ask your question for you. Please do not email our general inbox at [email protected] as your question may not be reviewed in time for the webinar.


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  • Kirsten McCoy

    I am being greedy and asking a second question for Weds if possible- this just came up with my business partner today and thought I would ask if there is time. We have a client who has JUST realized that we bill by the hour AND mark up- even though he signed the contract with his wife and knew this. As we are wrapping up the design work and ready to place orders for the proposals, the husband now decides to question why we bill hourly AND mark up and he thinks this is double-dipping! Of course we know this is our discount that we are allowing them to use but she just doesn’t have the language to properly defend herself on the fly like this. Is it our wording of markup instead of “sharing our discount”, or do we further justify it somehow? We get tongue tied and want to be really confident when this comes up. Thank you!!

    • Cheryl Horne

      Hi Kirsten, we didn’t get to this one on last months webinar, but I’ve added it to my list for the next one.

  • Kirsten McCoy

    Hi Cheryl- transferring my question from the FB Group- We have very a very good, very high end client who has been working room by room over the last 4 years (they believe in doing each room “right” and have spaced out the project that way on purpose for budget purposes), they are the nicest clients, it will be a fabulous, publish-worthy house when finished, they require a lot of time and are willing to pay for it. We raised our rates for new clients two years ago, but now feel we need to raise rates for this client as we still have many rooms to go and many other clients paying top dollar. Is there a letter you use for this kind of thing? Is this a flat out bad move? We don’t want to lose them and they refer a lot of business but also feel they would be very reasonable with this request since it has gone on so long and we have a standard hourly contract with them. Thank you!!

    • Cheryl Horne

      Thanks Kristen. Your question is on my list.

  • Anne Carr

    Kimberly mentioned on a podcast that she uses a professional service that comes in a measures and creates an “as built” elevation. How do I find those people?

    • Cheryl Horne

      Hi Anne,
      I will add your question to my list for Wednesday. Where are you located? Just wondering if Kimberley can refer the source she uses or if we’ll need to share how to find a similar service in your area.

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