We know you want more from your business. At Business of Design™ we are the one source that can help you get there. Our Advocate in Chief, Kimberley Seldon is a working design professional. That means something. She’s not sharing theoretical advice she read in a book or gathered from some podcast, which may or may not actually be helpful. She’s got field-tested methods that work in her busy design firm and more importantly, work for thousands of other design professionals, in more than 50 countries around the world, who have tried her methods and found them to be effective and life-changing.


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Want more?

If you want more from your business and more for your life, a Business of Design™ coaching package is the quickest way to catapult you to a new level of success.
You will work directly with BOD™ creator and founder, Kimberley Seldon. Perhaps you want to be taken through BOD™ 15 STEP Project Management Strategy™ by Kimberley in an intensive 6 months, where you implement as you go. Imagine, a transformed business in under 1 year! Or, maybe you have a specific area of concern—contracts, profitability, client management, trade management etc. Business of Design™ is the one name you should trust.
Some challenges are so unique that only personal coaching with a mentor you trust can help you break through them. Available to Business of Design™ members only, Kimberley Seldon offers a proven method of business coaching for designers at every stage of business growth. Whether your challenge is your career, your business, a project, trade or client relationships, money or work/life balance, you don’t need to handle it alone.
Ask yourself, if you wanted to learn how to perform surgery, would you want to study with someone who is regularly in the operating room, or someone who read about it?? Hire a pro who knows first hand what you are going through. Business of Design™ coaching is for the interior design professional who wants and needs more.