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Join a Group and Increase your Success [VIDEO]

April 5, 2016

You heard Kimberley speak and you’ve read the books. Now  you are convinced you need to implement everything you’ve learned, but it’s overwhelming. Where do you start? Or, once started, what if you’re stalled? Sometimes all you need is focused guidance and support.

That’s where group coaching comes in. Use Kimberley to guide you and your group through the seamless implementation of all 15 Steps. Ask questions in monthly calls, get immediate help when a job site situation threatens your serenity and create specific time to work ON your business. The payoffs include: greater confidence, increased profitability and happier clients.

To find out more about Group Coaching, click here.

Don’t have a local group? Connect with the BOD community on Facebook. There are private groups already on the go or you can start your own.

Kimberley recently hosted a private webinar for one of our Facebook groups to answer their most pressing questions. The recording from that webinar is available to all members, take a look.

Here’s a taste of what you missed: