My business coach and I spent a long time talking about the fact that there are multitudes of people who provide the same type of service that I provide—design, decorating, building etc. How about you? What services do you provide? Are there others who provide the same services? Of course.

In fact, it seems like “designers,” and every incarnation of that label – are popping up like coffee shops…one on every corner.

How do I imagine – little ole me – that I will ever be able to compete with all those designers? Some of them have connections. Some have money. Some are in the right location. Some are on TV or in magazines. So, how do I stand a chance?

Well, I don’t. Not if I’m competing in the limited arena of service. However, if we change the playing field, then not only do I stand a chance, but I can be a leader in the industry. And, there’s room for each of us to be leaders in this industry. Just like there’s room for a profitable coffee shop on every corner.

I did that with the help of my business coach. I changed the playing field. And you know what? It works. In this course, I want to share with you precisely how I changed my business from being strictly a service provider model to something far greater, more profitable and way more satisfying.


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