As a business owner, did you imagine you would enjoy flexible work hours and take home a decent salary? How about vacation time – didn’t you think you’d have some – or at least have as much as the owner of the company as you did as an employee?

When was the last time you played hooky guilt free? I mean, do you even take sick days? I sure didn’t.

What do your evenings and weekends look like? Do you joke like I used to at 9 pm, once the kids were in bed, that it was time to start the second shift? And Saturdays and Sundays…. well, those are the days everyone catches up on work, right? Nope.

If the reality of being a business owner has set in and you are not yet thrilled with the benefits of working for yourself- something may be wrong. In order to determine what needs correcting – let’s start by looking at where we want to be.