I meet so many designers who say, I don’t need a contract, I trust people. Or, yeah, I have a contract but I don’t always use it. Or, they have a contract but they allow their clients to make changes to it. Or, they have a contract but it’s different every time.

I have one contract. It works every time. It gives me peace of mind; protecting my clients and me; setting the stage for success.

In this course I’m going to share my contract with you. I’ll explain the rationale behind what’s in there, how it’s written and why it’s essential.

However, I am not a lawyer. So, even though my contract works brilliantly for me, you absolutely need to check yours out with legal counsel who can verify you’re working within the laws of your country, state, province and city.

If you’d like to move toward a professional contract that has your back, this course is for you.