In this course, I want to share what happened for me when I stopped relying solely on my earnest desire to “make my clients happy” and a tireless work ethic and instead, relied on a system of Satisfaction by Design.

If you are working too many hours, not making enough of your clients 100% happy with your process, not making enough money and not earning the kind of accolades or press attention you want—then you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain from adopting some new business policies. There is no downside.

With a system of Satisfaction by Design you are no longer alone. You now have a partner. A partner who is steadfast and true. Even as a sole proprietor, with this system you become a corporate “we”. And, if you’ll let me act as your mentor, I’ll be part of your team too. Along with hundreds if not thousands of other industry peers who’ve adopted Business of Design systems and practices.