Let’s talk about the consultation – that in-home, on-site meeting that takes place between a design professional and a new or potential client. It’s often the first time we meet a client and it’s typically how a project and a relationship is kick started.

Most professionals I’ve met and I certainly include myself in this – arrive at the consultation with a feeling of anticipation and hope. We want to be helpful to the client and we are keen to be challenged by dilemmas that we can solve. In many cases we’re hoping this is going to be a new and exiting project, one that will make its way into our portfolio or into a magazine. And, we are eager to please, to make a new customer for life.

During my two decades as a professional interior designer, I’ve worked hard to develop systems that allow me to run my business in a professional and profitable manner. Systems that provide me and my team – staff and trades – with goals and strategies for satisfying our clients. It’s part of a process I call Satisfaction by Design and it works.