STEP 1: The Consultation and Sell Through

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Step 1: Introduction

The consultation process is critically important to the success of most design firms. In a brief period of time – perhaps through a short phone call and then an on site meeting – the client is going to gain a perspective on how your company operates. They are going to “experience” working with you. So, shaping that experience into something exceptional best serves the customer, sets you apart from your competition and let’s face it, it’s the best way to gain a customer for life.

In Step 1: The Consultation and Sell Through, you will learn:

  • Why charging for the initial consultation grows your reputation and business.
  • What to charge.
  • How to focus on the value of the consultation rather than the fee.
  • How to successfully manage the consultation process.
  • How to use the consultation to kick-start a project.