Business of Design™ is a business training and coaching community for independent interior designers, decorators, architects, landscapers, stagers and stylists, just like you. BOD™ is not theory. Our systems are field-tested by thousands of designers around the world.

BOD™ has solutions to your most pressing business challenges.

So, start today. What are you waiting for?

Business of Design™ is on a mission to transform the industry, one designer, one business at a time. 

We’ve got our work cut out for us, but we are committed to providing affordable programming, reliable systems and the world’s best training and coaching community. Don’t do this alone. We can help.

BOD™ 30-Day Build

$79 USD

30-day term

You are new to BOD™ and want to build a powerful foundation for a process-driven business that generates happier clients, increased profit and true satisfaction.


BOD™ PROGRAM | Build a Better Business

COURSE | Start Where You Are

COURSE | Fees and Billing Practices

COURSE | Ideal Client

COURSE | Better Systems


4 Courses, 4 Weeks, Immediate Results



Take the first step towards
BOD™ Professional Certification

STEP 1 | Consultation | Project Review


*Purchase BOD™ Membership at any time.


$6000 USD

3-year term

By Application Only

BOD™ BOSS Groups are composed of like-minded, interior design professionals, like you, who are eager for greater success. Your new, curated BOD™ BOSS Group will follow a strategic path to growth; sharing collective wisdom, providing accountability, measuring key metrics and achieving your business and life goals.


BOD™ BOSS Group Members

Semi-Annual In-Person Meetings

Structured Goal Setting & Accountability

Profit and Loss Analysis

Earning & Retained Earning Targets

Peer-to-Peer Support

Legacy and Succession Planning



Insights and strategies from the collective wisdom of Team BOD™

Financial guidance from the BOD™ CFO


*Must be BOD™ Certified or a BOD™ Legacy Member to participate.


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Can honestly say it’s been a game-changer.

Alex Gourlay - Australia

When I heard Kimberley was launching a podcast I was so excited! I have been a member on Business of Design™ for about 6 months and I can honestly say it’s been a game-changer in terms of how I think about my business and myself as a business owner. The podcast is awesome to re-affirm everything she teaches on Business of Design™ and also gives another perspective. The only thing I would change about them is to make them more frequent – once a week isn’t enough! Thank you Kimberley and the BOD team for helping me make so many changes in my business and have more confidence as a business owner.

Changing my life as it changes my business.

Andre Kleynhans - South Africa

In our country, Kimberley is the name of a diamond mine. How appropriate. I have become a huge fan of Business of Design™ in no time at all and little by little it is changing my life as it changes my business.

Great resource, highly recommended!

Leita Edwards - Vancouver BC

All those questions you can’t find a good answer for are here, and I’ve even learned solutions for things I didn’t realize could be solved. Great resource, highly recommended! Much thanks to Kimberly and the team!

We all know design matters.
Join a community where designers matter, too.