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BOD™ Flat Fee Projects

The vast majority of professional designers consistently lose money when they work on a flat fee or value based fee. Well, not anymore! It’s time to recalibrate and use a calculation method that doesn’t have you working for free. If you’re ready to embrace the future of design, this course is for you.

LENGTH | 3 hours

INCLUDES | Presentation, Project Fees Cheat Sheet

PRICE | $695 (members save $200)

BOD™ Interior Design Packages

Providing enticing packages allows clients to see up front the myriad services you provide. From entry-level new clients to high-end luxury clients—make it easy for anyone to buy your services. 

LENGTH | 2 hours

INCLUDES | Sample Packages Contract

PRICE | $495 (members save $200)

BOD™ Hiring Process

Finding the elusive “perfect” hire takes real effort, and usually at a time when you are already overwhelmed. By breaking the hiring tasks into a manageable process, it’s possible to create a systematic approach that will lead to the right candidate.

LENGTH | 40 minutes

INCLUDES | Employment Contract, Application, Sample Job Descriptions

PRICE | $495 (members save $200)

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