EP 001 | The Consultation with Veronica Solomon


About this Episode

If you don’t get the consultation right, the project will never get off the ground. How to own the process—from first phone call, to onsite performance and signing the letter of agreement.
In this episode we learn:
– how charging a higher rate leads to more than just profit.
– the perfect response to those who question charging for the consultation.
– to offer a different service, of lower value, rather than take no for an answer.

Show Notes

1:35  |  Channeling your inner business person.
4:05  |  We LOVE our sponsors.
6:40  |  Intro Veronica Solomon.
7:36  |  What Veronica charges for the consultation.
8:03  |  An unusual dollar amount and why it works.
9:00  |  How charging for the consult compares to the consult for free.
11:01  |  How many consultations Veronica does each month.
11:53  |  Be confident on the phone and have a system and process for signing the potential client up.
13:40  |  Sometimes the “consultation only” client turns into a project.
15:37  |  Answering the phone, converting potential clients to paid consultations.
17:49  |  How to respond to the question, “Why do you charge for the consultation?”
20:23  |  Veronica’s goal at the consultation.
22:52  |  Note taking process and what’s in your consult bag.
27:26  |  What if you don’t think the client is a good fit.
29:00  |  Fave items in Veronica’s Letter of Agreement.
30:45  |  Promoganda; leave behind documents.
32:19  |  Why it’s essential to review your contract at the consultation.
33:45  |  Transparency around money.
35:35  |  How much money do most interior design professionals make?
37:00  |  Do women and men get different messages about money when growing up?
38:46  |  Disclose your pricing on your website.
39:00  |  Make your website work like an admin person.
39:30  |  When you answer your own phone.
41:53  |  Refine your process and have a script in mind.
43:42  |  Rapid Fire Questions: Fave part of contract, app you love, making FB videos, what do you outsource.

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Meet Veronica Solomon

Veronica Solomon is an award-winning interior designer whose work has been featured in numerous publications including The ASID Texas Gulf Coast Chapter magazine, Houston House & Home magazine, Katy magazine, and national blogs such as Apartment Therapy. She has been named as one of The Top Ten Emerging Designers To Watch By Black Interior Designers Network.

She has established herself as one of Katy/West Houston’s most highly acclaimed interior designers and lifestyle experts. She has created unique and memorable interiors for a wide variety of residential, homebuilding and commercial clients over her 10-year career.

She is the region’s only designer who practices the art of creating luxurious and fresh, yet practical interiors for a busy family to live in and enjoy. Veronica provides her clients with distinctive, cutting-edge furnishings that are not readily available at retail stores.



Take Aways

VCita – An app that automates appointment booking, acts as a pay portal and captures client interaction.

RIPL – An app to boost social media, by creating eye-catching, animated posts.

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  • Arlene Lyon

    This was an amazing podcast! Lots of information that reinforces what is covered in the courses. Veronica is transparent, articulate, and exudes confidence. Terrific.

    • Kimberley Seldon

      Thanks so much Arlene. Veronika is definitely a BOD success story. You are too!

  • Ruxana Oosman

    What an excellent podcast. It was full of helpful advice…. even for seasoned designers.

  • Mary Etta McCurdy

    Veronica you continue to shine. Thanks for being so open and sharing your process.

  • DetailsInteriors

    Two of my favorite, most inspirational, people in one podcast! What more could I ask for? Great information! Thanks for sharing!

  • Ricci

    Just listened to your podcast with Veronica..Thanks for sharing such great tips

  • Amberleafinc

    LOVE Veronica! have met her at a couple events, and she always seems like she has it going on when it comes to her business. This podcasts just proves it. Great info.

  • Barclay Stone

    Listened to your podcast with Veronica TWICE yesterday! It was a fantastic interview and packed with great information!
    Super-excited to listen to more of your great podcasts!! Thanks!!

    • Cheryl Horne

      Thanks Barclay, we are excited to finally be live!

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