EP 008 | Navigating The Home Decor Media Market with Karl Lohnes


About this Episode

Talent isn’t enough to get you noticed. You’ve got to work at making your own breaks too. Especially if you want the wide-exposure gained through big media—television, print, radio. Cultivating a “yes” personality, going with the flow and persistently chasing your dreams will open doors.
In this episode we learn:
– why a “yes” first approach is best when it comes to media
– the value of expanding your brand into television and print
– tips on getting published and landing your first TV gig
– why local promotion is sometimes the best
– what traits are required to create a dynamic career
– how Karl Lohnes finally got to work with one of his design idols, Martha Stewart
– the 30-minute rule for engaging with TV hosts

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About Karl Lohnes

The Washington Post and Arizona Times have called him the ‘Dr. Phil of Decorating’ for a very good reason; Karl Lohnes speaks a language of stylish, no-nonsense decorating and entertaining ideas for homeowners whether it be on radio or television, at home shows or in his written articles for newspapers and magazines.

Karl reached millions of enthusiastic viewers for eight years by appearing as the decorating expert on America’s This Small Space on HGTV (152 episodes), is one of the founding magazine editors of Canada’s Style at Home and was the décor expert for CTV’s Canada AM for 8 years.

Karl has worked as a media ambassador for many well-known brands including KitchenAid, Philips, Starbucks, Nespresso, Silestone and has been published and featured on almost every newspaper, magazine and on daytime television shows in North America. Karl currently freelances for magazines and newspapers while taking this year to write his first decorating book.

He can be seen on television as an ambassador to many company brands, designing home décor products/furniture and continues to decorate for clients.


Take Aways

There are effective ways to get the media to notice you and to get that coveted spot in a magazine.

  1. Pitch to everyone on the mast head. And spell names correctly!
  2. Be easy to work with and accommodating. Don’t throw up any obstacles.
  3. Know the magazine you are soliciting and fit your pitch to match that style.
  4. Use a photographer who regularly works with the magazine you want to be featured in.

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