EP 025 | Is It Time To Rebrand with Jackie Glass


About this Episode

Every 5-10 years it’s important to reevaluate your brand and see if it’s still relevant. Kimberley shares her personal experience with rebranding and talks to interior designer Jackie Glass about a major rebrand she recently underwent.
In this episode we learn:
– to be diligent about projecting your image—edit what you put online
– raising your fees can force you to be better at what you do
– to make better rules for yourself as the business owner
– always work on grooming new trades
– to treat existing trades with respect

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Meet Jackie Glass

Principal Designer Jackie Glass of Jackie Glass Inc. is a regular design expert on Cityline and past editor of Homes Publishing’s Reno & Décor magazine. Jackie’s work has been featured in national publications including Style at Home, Canadian Living, House & Home, Canadian Home Trends and the Toronto Star. Jackie regularly appears live at trade and consumer shows to share her design expertise and the latest home decor trends.

Jackie Glass Inc. is a full-service design firm offering a range of residential renovation services including space planning and design, project management, furniture layout, window treatments, colour consultations and accessorizing.

Our service extends from conception to completion of every project. It is our goal to complete our clients’ projects within their individual budget and timeline constraints.

At Jackie Glass Inc., our professional design team is passionate about creating warm and welcoming living spaces for our discerning clients. We take great pride in providing each client with personalized service from start to finish of each project.

I first became interested in interior decorating and design at a young age, after my older sister decided to turn the attic of our family’s century home into her bedroom. That meant I would inherit her bedroom and could decorate it to my taste.”

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 905-823-3008
Website: www.jackieglass.ca

Twitter: @jackieglasscity
Instagram: @jackieglassinc

For more information on Jackie Glass and Jackie Glass Inc. please contact:

Karen Kirk
Communications Director

Jackie Glass Inc.
[email protected]


Take Aways

  1. When you photograph a room, make sure to also hire a professional stylist to assist and prop the spaces.
  2. Edit the photos that appear on your website. Quality over quantity.
  3. If you can’t yet afford a stylist, then practice taking good photos and videos. Flat lay some objects on a table and photograph those. This is also an easy way to show clients you are busy and working all the time.

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