EP 047 | It’s Free, You Are The Product with Laurie Laizure & Cheryl Kees Clendenon


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Industry disruption, mysterious mergers and what does it mean for you, the design professional?  No, the sky is not falling, but it may be time to pivot and take a more active approach to marketing and managing your business. In this episode, we hear from two industry peers who have a different take on this month’s big merger between Houzz and Ivy.
In this episode we learn:
– that historical behavior is a good indicator of future behavior
– it’s important to read the terms of service before jumping onto a new platform (and keep a copy of the agreement when you signed up)
– you are not a victim, you have choices

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Meet Laurie Laizure

Laurie is the founder of Interior Design Community, a thriving place where those working in the interior design and home decor industry connect to learn, share, and grow their businesses.

But what does that say about me?

I guess you could say I am a connector. I love to connect people who might learn from each other. I absolutely feel accomplished when two people I introduce meet and help one another get better. It really makes me happy.

I am a huge nerd. If I am interested in something, I dive in deep and read everything about it. I don’t want to just learn what it does but how it works. I measure and benchmark everything. I don’t believe in just “I think it’s working”, I have to back that up with data.

I love social media and tech tools. I love how it connects people from all over the world. IDC is truly international and has members from all over. It is so interesting that as an industry, we struggle with so many of the same issues….regardless of if you are from Boston or Bangladesh.

I would say I am a good judge of character… but I don’t always listen to my gut. I give people the benefit of the doubt. “Never attribute malice to what might be ignorance”

I am a collector of photo and video editing apps and fonts. I don’t think you can ever have too many of either.

I am a feminist and a liberal. While I don’t dive into political rants or think they belong in a work place but I say this because it’s a big part of who I am. I believe in equal rights for all people and I believe you become great by working together for a common good and not just to gain wealth or power.

I love good books, stiff cocktails, sunset on beaches and travel overseas. I love meeting new people and having interesting conversations.

I love beauty but will take brilliance over beauty every day. The ultimate comes from having both.

Meet Cheryl Kees Clendenon

Owner and lead designer of In Detail Interiors, Cheryl has been creating a buzz in the Gulf Coast design community for over 14 years. As the name implies, Cheryl’s sharp attention to detail is just one of the many things that Cheryl’s clients receive as part of her unique design approach.

She also has a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Arizona and an up-close and personal relationship with every phase of design, from demo down to the smallest accessories that create the detailed custom finish on all her jobs. It is not uncommon that clients return once or more for her services and her ability to capture their personality in each space while maintaining maximum function.

Cheryl’s name is also becoming more recognizable abroad, whether she is working for an out-of-state client, or joining international design tours, or sitting on design councils. She does all of this while maintaining a small design firm in Pensacola, cultivating unique pieces for her retail store, and being a wife and mother of two daughters.

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