EP 050 | Fewer Better with Carly Waters


About this Episode

Strategic planning can take your business to a sweet spot where the fewest possible number of clients leads to the greatest number of benefits. Designer Carly Waters discusses how she hones her approach on social media to appeal to those few clients who are just right for her.
In this episode we learn:
– to use your own space to create a portfolio when you start out
– how getting more clients may be less appealing than getting better clients
– the advantages of creating a single vision so it’s easy for your ideal clients to find you
– being selective about clients is a privilege and it’s a worthy goal
– that editing your former Insta posts can create a more streamline image
– to ask for work from friends and family
– to host a party at your client’s finished home/condo

Take Aways

A worthy goal for your business is to have the fewest number of clients possible but make the money you need. This approach leads to a tighter look for your website, which in turn attracts those ideal clients you need.
Carly’s website is a great example of tailored simplicity. Carly Waters Style
Working for friends: Be cautious when working for friends. Ask yourself, is this a friendship I can afford to lose. KS adds, if you do work with friends, then run them exactly like you would run any other project.
Under promise, over deliver: People pleasing hurts us in the long run. Don’t say yes when you know it’s not likely to occur.

Meet Carly Waters

After years as a practicing family law attorney, Carly Waters left the law and started Carly Waters Style in 2014.  While she doesn’t use much of her skills from her lawyer days, her experience in coaching families and couples is what she relies on when she helps her clients re-imagine their spaces. And yes, she has way more fun designing than writing legal briefs.

The real beauty in the work comes from the integration of form and function. CWS marries the analytical with the beautiful. White spaces, clean lines & layered textures. Each space feels peaceful & purposeful. Every home has an innate style, and that style should be honored by the architecture and finishes selected.

Carly Waters Style is a full-service residential design firm. Taking a hands-on approach, CWS works directly with the contractors and architects to oversee every detail in the renovation process. With an emphasis on collaboration, clients work with CWS to curate their ideal home. CWS charges hourly for design services and has a minimum project fee of $5,000.​


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  • Faith Sheridan

    Excellent podcast! This has been my vision for the past few years and I found enthusiasm listening to the two of you. About half way through you mention a book, Kimberley, and I’d like you to note it please. Also, Carly made excellent points around Instagram and FB. Focusing on 1 main channel really makes one’s life easier. Keep up the great work. Thanks, Faith S

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