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Not every designer loves the idea of working with trades or carrying the responsibility of a large renovation. There are lots of ways, as the owner of the company, to create a business that works for you. One Business of Design™ enthusiast shares how she works with clients during the planning stage, but then allows them to mange the renovations on their own.
In this episode we learn:
– there are a multitude of ways to set up your business so it satisfies you, as the owner
– determining what you love to do and eliminating tasks that stress you out is a great way to create a more satisfying career
– sometimes it’s ok to “leave money on the table” (make sure you know how much money you’re talking about)
– test yourself, can you beat the timeline our guest provides

Take Aways

Suggested Course: Ideal Project, Ideal Client

Design Intervention

No more overthinking. If you have a desire to do something, stop waiting for perfection. Done is better than perfect. Jump right in.

Meet Claire Jefford

Claire Jefford began her interior decorating business, Creating Contrast Designs, in 2011. Her firm specialises in 3D design, as well as custom residential projects. Claire has a keen eye for detail and loves to mix patterns and fabrics.

Creating Contrast Designs was named one of the Top 30 Interior Design firms in Ontario and Claire is proud to be the highest reviewed design professional in the greater Toronto Area on Houzz, with over 90 reviews.

Not one to shy away from social media, Claire has been creating videos on Facebook since 2013 and began her own YouTube channel in January 2016.

Claire has a second business, coaching and helping other designers run their ID biz. Her no-nonsense approach sees her sharing marketing ideas, proven processes and social media strategies to help others in the field to build confidence in how they work. Claire runs a free Facebook group, Interior Design Business Strategies, which is an amazing community focusing on the business strategies for designers.

Interior Design Business Strategist


Check out Claire on YouTube:
Interior Design Channel
Coaching Channel

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  • Deborah Hayden

    I love her website. She has a business model similar to mine and I also do 3D design with Chief Architect. I want to know more about the color boards.

    • Kimberley Seldon

      We reached out to Claire and she was more than happy to share with our listeners the details of where she gets her color boards. They are from Maria Killam. Here is the link to purchase or find out more.

  • Faith Sheridan

    Love this interview.. looking forward to seeing the links to her docs for presentation, etc.


    • Kimberley Seldon

      Hi Faith. We’re not sure what docs you are looking for. I don’t think we have any handouts for this podcast. Hope you are well!

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