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About this Episode

Are you happy in your career? Most of us don’t take time to even ask this important question. The bills have to be paid and we’re so busy already, who has time for reflection? Looking squarely at what you love about your current work/life situation (and what you hate) provides valuable insights that lead to powerful changes.

In this episode we learn:
– a dramatic breakdown, although uncomfortable, can give you clarity around your career
– get clarity first, then move on to strategy
– experiment with scheduling—many professionals prefer blocking tasks by day, rather than by hour
– create the schedule you want, even if it’s unconventional
– to determine where you stress spot is and then learn how to relax it
– to notice the yearning to add something new to your existing career
– how to own your inner Molly Ringwald
– identify your hell-no client and a hell-yes client

Take Aways

Get clear on what you want by taking the FREE Careergasm Crash Course.

And bonus! You can download the first 40 pages of Careergasm: Find Your Way To Feel-Good Work.

Design Intervention

Consider cleaning, organizing and editing your desk environment so you feel better about the day ahead.

Meet Sarah Vermunt

Sarah Vermunt is the gal behind Careergasm. She’s a professional coach, career expert, former business professor, and author of Careergasm: Find Your Way To Feel-Good Work.

Before founding Careergasm, Sarah taught at the School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University. She has a M.Sc in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management, a M.A. in Leadership Studies, a Bachelor of Journalism, and a certificate in Marketing Management. She studied Executive Management Coaching at the graduate level, and Life Coaching under Dr. Martha BeckHarvard-educated coaching expert of O Magazine and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Sarah speaks at high profile national and international conferences and events. Some of her recent speaking engagements include IBM Global Entrepreneur DaySociaLIGHTDiscover Your Personal Brand, the National Job Fair and Training ExpoWISE (Women in Science and Engineering), the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology, the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, the Organizational Behaviour Teaching Society for Management Educators, and the Academy of Management.

She writes about careers for Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., and Huffington Post. Her work has also been featured at Fortune, Financial Times, U.S. News & World Report, Toronto Star, Global News, Flare Magazine, TechVibes, The Globe and Mailand lots of other cool places.


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