EP 081 | Impetus To Change with Juliette Palarea – Part 1



About this Episode

Heart and soul. That’s what the typical interior design professional puts into the job. However, what happens when the payoff doesn’t match all that you give to the work? Maryland designer Juliette Palarea describes hitting bottom and rethinking her entire career.

In this episode we learn:
– being vulnerable gets to more authentic conversations with peers and creates space for new ideas
– stopping old behaviors is easiest when you replace them with new (better) behaviors
– stepping out on a limb (high stakes) is a great position from which to try something new
– clients don’t need to change, we need to change
– there is nothing special about people who have “made it”—systems will change your life

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Meet Juliette Palarea

Juliette Palarea, principal and designer at JPStyles, believes everyone deserves access to the type of design that evokes feelings of comfort and sophistication. Having completed numerous projects in the categories of renovation, remodel and new construction, Juliette and her team pride themselves on understanding client’s wishes and making them a reality.

Juliette’s interest in design began early in her career with California Fabric Protection: a business she co-founded in West Hollywood, California. Her love of architecture and design was nurtured by top area designers and clients in Beverly Hills, Pasadena as well as communities surrounding the West Los Angeles area. These designers realized Juliette’s strengths were spacial planning and the details necessary for successful interior design.

Juliette’s projects have been featured in Baltimore Magazine and Chesapeake Home, as well as recognition from the Home Builders Association of Maryland Award with an award of Excellence for kitchen remodel $300k to $400k. With millions of dollars in design projects managed, her success is not solely created through her execution, but also in the trust her clients place in her. Juliette frequently hears, “I trust you. Do it the way you think it should be done”, from her clients. Trust and satisfaction is the ultimate endorsement.


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  • Margaret Olsthoorn

    This Podcast has me almost in tears as I am in the exact SAME boat as Juliette, at the same crossroads eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner…that being, BOD courses, webinars and podcasts. I have barely visited another website in the last 2 weeks. Thank you so much for the candidness and vulnerability. I too have had a lull in business which I don’t believe is a coincidence. It’s the universe making time for me to pick myself up and try another avenue before calling it quits. I have thought long and hard about what else I would do and design is still it! I pray BOD is the answer. I am not as worried about the admin. part as I am getting the high end clientele. The area I live in doesn’t seem to have a lot of them, but hopefully the universe provides that for me too, when I am ready. Dear God, I hope so. For now, I am just thankful that I have been brought to this forum with fabulous Kimberly as our mentor. I can’t thank you enough Kimberly for doing what you do. I hope to meet you in person one day. it would be truly an honour!!! Margaret Olsthoorn, Re-Vital-Eyes Interiors

    • Cheryl Horne

      Thank you so much Margaret for your kind words. We are so glad you found us here at BOD and we are very happy to be part of your journey. You will always find the support you need within this community.

    • Kimberley Seldon

      Wow. I have goosebumps. I have so been there! We are happy to have you in our group. When you’re ready (and you will get there!) you might need to come on the podcast and share what worked for you so others will be inspired. Thank you! xo

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