EP 093 | Staging Strategies with Nina Doiron



About this Episode

Although staging professionals have a unique skill set homeowners and real estate agents benefit from, there are many intersections between their work and the work of other design professionals. In this conversation we learn about some of the strategies that make stagers successful.

In this episode we learn:

  • having a design background can be helpful for staging, but it’s not always necessary
  • less is more with staging
  • the job is to appeal to a wide audience, not to the homeowner
  • listing minimum pricing on your website creates transparency
  • marketing to real estate agents is critical to continued work
  • systems for planning, packing, unpacking and processing orders are critical

Take Aways

Nina Doiron has generously shared her own written system. Download her Work Order Template.

Plus the 2018 RESA Report.

Design Intervention

Tracking hours in order to determine pricing is critical.

About Nina Doiron

Nina Doiron. I own a home staging and design company (iStage & Organize). My company is just over 3 years old and continues to grow.

I am also the president of the Toronto RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) chapter as well as one of 5 approved RESA instructors for the Staging to Sell, What Every agent should know course.

Although I do offer design services, my field of expertise is in helping homeowner and real estate agent to market their homes to attract buyers to sell more quickly and profitably.

Nina Doiron is the owner of iStage & Organize, serving realtors and homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area and Simcoe County. As a professionally trained marketer of more than 20 years, Nina understands the art and power of persuasion marketing and influencing purchase behaviour.  Nina combines her marketing and eye for design to help homeowners improve their home’s appeal attract potential buyers. Nina has helped families to fall in love with homes at first sight with her award winning home staging services.

Nina holds a bachelor degree in business administration and is a Certified Ultimate Stager and a member of the Professional Organizers of Canada. Her staging company is recognized for her superior customer service by Houzz. She is also a RESA-Pro and RESA approved instructor for the RESA Staging to Sell, What Every Agent Should Know® CSA course for agents in the Greater Toronto Area.  Nina has been featured on Rogers TV, Rock Your Biz Radio and The Home Staging Show. Nina also is the host of “Ask Nina” a monthly Facebook Live show.

Nina has been teaching the value of home staging and staging as a marketing tool to real estate agents in the Greater Toronto Area since 2016.


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