EP 102 | Cooperative Work Spaces – Part 1 with Tawni Peterson, Martha Rosellini and Carly Nemtean



About this Episode

Community over competition—that’s the spirit behind cooperative work spaces created specifically for designers.  In this compilation episode we hear from Business of Design™ member Tawni Peterson, who is thinking of creating a collective and wants to know what she should expect. We then hear from other BOD members who are currently in cooperative work spaces, running cooperative work spaces or about to launch such a venture. In this 2-part episode we’ll also learn about collective buying partnerships. Lots to learn in EP 102 and EP 105.

In this episode we learn:

  • the pros and cons of collective work spaces
  • the client experience of entering such a space
  • vulnerability is where the magic happens
  • getting to know your competition is good for you and for them
  • consider your brand when choosing location and amenities
  • a mixed co-op (multiple businesses represented) is a viable choice

Take Aways

One Bad Apple” by the Osmond Brothers.

Design Intervention

Carly Nemtean says: Be a shepherd for those who need your guidance. We all win when one succeeds.

About Tawni Peterson

Driven by a deep love for the marriage of form and function, Tawni Peterson founded Alchemy Interiors in passionate pursuit of creating a little bit of design “magic” in every project. The Alchemy Interiors team works hand in hand with architects and contractors to oversee every step of the design process. Rooted in the philosophy that every space should serve to improve the lives of those who occupy it,

ALCHEMY: A seemingly magical process of transmuting a common substance into a substance of great value; A transformation, creation, or combination of elements into something new.

Tawni and her team love working intimately and intentionally with their clients to unveil the soul of the space. Tawni and her family live in her hometown of Clovis, CA.

Tawni is a lover of all things vintage, Etta James, hearty greenery (read: plants that can survive easily!) good food, good wine, & great conversation. (Not always in that order!)



About Martha Rosellini

Custom Window Treatments and Motorization must be more innovative and informative than ever before. With architecture’s challenging nature and the changing landscape of the design industry, we strive to work harmoniously with and support Interior Designers, Builders and Architects in our specialty.

Using my core values to lead my company ensures my (trade) client’s experience is nothing less than excellent. This strategy also reflects their artistic beauty, high standards, and irresistible charm unique to their brand.

Our knowledgeable team collaborates with some of the most respected architects, builders and designers in the country, offering fine sewing and leading-edge automated technology. We also recognize natural light and how it is filtered or diffused through materials and effects toward temperature control. The combined effects can be magical.

Our clients’ story, vision, concerns and budget will be heard and supported. Proud to be trade only and profoundly grateful for the treasured business/friendship relationships I have made through the years.

Born and raised in Oakland, CA, Attended Bishop O’Dowd High School in Oakland, studied textiles and interior design at UC Berkeley, mom of three sons, grandmother of three, avid seamstress, passionate Italian, world traveler, and cherry pie fanatic, I call the San Francisco bay area home with two cats, one English Golden Retriever and my dog loving, hiking enthusiast and very kind husband!


Martha’s co-operative workspace is The Den on School Street, Danville CA. 

About Carly Nemtean

Operating Carriage Lane Design Build Inc. for 8 years, we have grown our company of 2 founders, to now over 10+ full-time associates and tradesmen. We focus on full home renovations and additions. We have built our business by client focused design and experiences, where commitment, passion and integrity are our core values.

Since our company’s existence, we have grown to recognize our unique position of sharing a 24,000 sq. foot building with our staple vendors in the stone and millwork sector. We have been able to manage our overhead fees through co-working, friendship, and community. These are just some of the benefits of co-working, and we are excited to take our experience to the next level of sharing with our new venture, The Collective Workspace.


Carly’s co-operative workspace is The Collective Workspace, Toronto ON.

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