EP 105 | Cooperative Work Spaces – Part 2 with LeAnne Bunnell and Swati Goorha



About this Episode

For some designers, a work space outside the home is a stamp of legitimacy. But a collective can offer so much more. It’s a safe place to discuss ongoing projects, a resource for new ideas and an opportunity to welcome clients into a professional atmosphere. In this episode BOD member LeAnne Bunnell She shares her journey running a cooperative work space. Then, we hear from Swati Goorha who runs a collective buying group with her partner Julie Anne Baur. If you’ve ever felt marginalized or squeezed by shrinking margins, you’ll love the conversation.

In this episode we learn:

  • before you launch a collective, figure out what your intention is for the space
  • remember to allow for staff, visiting vendors and client meetings when determining the size of the collective you want to join or open
  • 5 must include considerations for your collective work space
  • consider how many members you need to meet the financial commitments
  • a buying collective can significantly increase profits on goods

Take Aways

LeAnne’s 5 musts for a collective work space

  1. Determine who your ideal collective renters are (your ideal client).
  2. Determine what you can afford to spend on a purchase or lease and whether or not you want this to be a money maker for you.
  3. Consider various zoning ideas (commercial, light industrial, residential) and location for convenience when searching for the perfect space.
  4. Set policies around office behavior; define your expectations.
  5. Always make sure to look after your community. Ask how they like using the space and make changes wherever it’s warranted.

Design Intervention

Repeat yourself to ensure clients and trades understand what you are going to do. Tell them what you are going to tell them. Then tell them. Then tell them what you told them.

About LeAnne Bunnell

LeAnne Bunnell Interiors is a full-service boutique interior design studio working in Calgary and around western Canada since 2003. LeAnne and her crack team pride themselves on strong relationships and creating spaces that clearly resonate with the clients they work with. Specializing in everything from full room transformations to large scale builds and renovation projects, LBI is recognized for their creative and tailored approach to design.

‘We believe you should love where you live every day. We believe you shape your home and, in turn, your home shapes you. We believe in luxury and indulgence and that means different things to different people. We believe that it’s never wrong if you love it. We believe in candlelight, fresh flowers and pillows.’ 


About Swati Goorha

Swati Goorha is the Principal of her namesake firm Swati Goorha Designs. She manages a team of client-focused, experienced designers and installers. She is an avid global traveler and her exposure to different cultures lends her design innovativeness, best-of-breed quality, and unique perspective. Growing up, she loved running across rooms in her grandfather’s boutique hotel noting the unique decor, antique furniture, and variety of finishes. This exposure to design and architecture brought forth her sophistication in taste and an eye for unique details. Her passion for travel was seeded by her ever-traveling parents: museums, art, and architecture were a huge part of her childhood experience.

Swati has designed residences and commercial spaces all over the country across the coasts. She is a published designer with her projects featured in major publications and interviewed by influential TV journalists. She is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA).

Swati is active in the design community attending and presenting at major conferences. Swati is also involved with several nonprofit organizations in an effort to give back to the community and supports multiple charities. She is the President of Summit – New Providence, NJ Rotary Club for 2018 – 2019.


Facebook Group: Design Source (Design Buying Group)

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