EP 104 | 5-Year Plan with Stephanie Poore



About this Episode

How one designer’s five-year plan guided her to success. It’s never too late to create one for yourself.

In this episode we learn:

  • sound legal advice, to guide you through the initial stages of setting up the business, can be really helpful
  • strategic, effective networking gets you customers and trades when you need them
  • drive through key neighorhoods to find trades who work nearby
  • in your first year in business, it’s ok to say yes to all the jobs, but get discerning as quickly as possible
  • as projects get bigger, you can begin to define your style aesthetic
  • strategies for billing out other team members
  • the advantage of hiring a bookkeeper early in your career

Take Aways

Get Stephanie Poore’s 5-year plan to grow her design business: Download Now!

Design Intervention

Start where you are and make the hires you think you want before you get super busy.

About Stephanie Poore

About a House is a residential design firm in Charlotte, North Carolina, founded on the belief that beauty lies in the clean lines of simplicity and function. Combining the classic elements of proportion, balance, color, and texture with fresh, forward thinking, About a House captures the essence of its clients, creating beautiful spaces that they love to call home.

Stephanie believes that homes, in all their perfect imperfections, should reflect the lives and stories of those who live in them. Natural materials, clean lines, and purposeful spaces are some of the hallmarks of her designs. Her formal design education combined with her business background allows Stephanie to offer a successful blend of beautifully finished interiors and efficient project management along the way.

When she’s not designing, Stephanie can be found in her garden with her sweet children, tending the weeds and chasing away her eight mischievous chickens.

Contact: [email protected]

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