EP 117 | Never Give Your Power Away with Weston and Cristy Blankenship



About this Episode

Yes, you can be a creative and a powerful business owner. Take it from creatives Weston and Cristy Blankenship. They lost everything (we’re talking bankruptcy and homelessness) only to find they could start again and succeed by setting a new intention and stepping up to the challenge of being the boss. You (right now, whatever your circumstance) have the power to change your business and your life.

In this episode we learn:

  • It’s never a good idea to surrender your power
  • fear-based decisions are rarely constructive
  • a higher rate will push you to excel
  • the value of boundaries

Design Intervention

You have the power to change. Know it. Own it. Do it.

Take Aways

F. E. A. R.  =  False Evidence Appearing Real

About Weston and Cristy Blankenship

E35 Design is the vision of husband and wife team Weston and Cristy Blankenship. With fifteen years of experience in occasions, interiors, and holiday design- the couple’s passion and love for all things creative have come together to serve you, their future client. E35 seeks to bring beauty, excellence, and your personality to every project.  Weston and Cristy live in Historic Franklin, TN with their 4 boys.


Facebook: E35 Design

Instagram: @e35design

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