EP 148 | Designing for the Senses with Andrew Richmond



About this Episode

To create a fully satisfying client experience with each design project, consider all five senses. 

In this episode we learn:

  • sight—colours, patterns, prints, contrasts of light and dark
  • scent—aromas that evoke a mood and eliminating unpleasant odors
  • touch—varied texture on the walls, floors and furniture
  • sound—pleasant background music, comfortable acoustics and the elimination of unpleasant noise or anything that impedes hearing
  • taste—consider selection of plates, cutlery and glassware to enhance the taste of food and beverage

Design Intervention

Get yourself a good accountant.

About Andrew Richmond

Andrew Richmond is the Founder and CEO of brand development and interior design firm, model/ctzn. Known in the Canadian food scene as the owner and creative behind successful taqueria, La Carnita and iconic dessert shop, Sweet Jesus, Richmond has led the design, branding, building and operation of a collection of restaurants and bars over the past nine years.

With 25 years of experience in concept development and design, Richmond is an innovator in creating meaningful and original experiences for patrons. Richmond spent several years as Design Director at ONEMETHOD before founding model/ctzn. Recent projects include the branding of Lapinou and the design and operation of Nestle’s KitKat Chocolatory at Yorkdale Shopping Centre.






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