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2021 Flat Fee Contract coming June 24, 2021 (details below).

A specific guide to building a flat fee proposal that works for you and your clients. Although I’ve been using (successfully!) the BOD™ 15 Step Project Management Strategy for hourly fee contracts for more than 15 years, it’s taken a decade to create the same success with a flat fee method of billing. Those of you who are currently using the BOD™ 15 Steps will be pleased to discover you’ll enjoy the same precision and order with this new method. You’re not starting over. You’re just adding flat fee proposals to your tool kit.

Those of you who are new to flat fees will appreciate how simple it is to follow this method.

Don’t do another fixed fee proposal without this method!

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2021 Flat Fee Contract coming June 2021.

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BOD™ Flat Fee Contract was developed by an interior design professional, just like you, and honed over a 25-year career, working full-time with real clients, real budgets and real staff. It contains a PDF copy of Kimberley’s contract. In addition, it comes with instructional videos explaining the content of the contract.

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