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I meet so many designers who say, I don’t need a contract, I trust people. Or, yeah, I have a contract but I don’t always use it. Or, they have a contract but they allow their clients to make changes to it. Or, they have a contract but it’s different every time.

I have one contract. It works every time. It gives me peace of mind; protecting my clients and me; setting the stage for success. And right here, I’m going to share that contract with you.

Through an instructional video, I’ll explain the rationale behind what’s in there, how it’s written and why it’s essential.

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BOD™ Hourly Fee Contract was developed by an interior design professional, just like you, and honed over a 25-year career, working full-time with real clients, real budgets and real staff. It contains a PDF copy of Kimberley’s contract. In addition, it comes with instructional videos explaining the content of the contract.

DISCLAIMER: Business of Design™ offers no legal advice and you should meet with a professional lawyer to review any contract or procedure, to ensure you are operating within your local and federal laws.