The Prototype | TP Delight Gifting Program

$500.00 USD

TP Delight is an on-demand gifting service for interior designers looking to increase their referrals, deepen relationships and create a luxury and personalized experience. TP Delight includes an annual gift strategy session, specific campaigns based on milestones identified in your client journey and among the key business relationships you want to cultivate. We will introduce a client profile to keep track of personalized recipient information to make gifting extra special and meaningful. TP Delight also includes gift sourcing, ordering, packing, tracking, and confirmation of delivery. Gifts, additional packaging supplies and shipping are not included.

$1,200 one-time onboarding fee for under 50 recipients. 50% off initial onboarding for Business of Design® Members.

$500* monthly implementation (up to 6 requests per month). *6 month minimum.

Inquire to see if this service is right for you.