EP 173 | Behind the Story with Julia Feldmeier

These days, designers have the challenge of not only unpacking who their client is and how they really live, but also in sussing out a person’s authentic style and preferences—not simply what they think they’re supposed to like based on what they see in their Instagram feed.

EP 172 | What to Read Now with Emma Navajas – PLUS Bonus Spanish Episode

The business self-help aisle at your local bookstore (or on Amazon) is overrun with recommendations. Business of Design™ member Emma Navajas narrows in on recommendations the BOD™ community needs now. As a bonus, at the end of this episode, Emma repeats her book recommendations for our Spanish speaking audience. ¡Qué maravilloso!

EP 171 | Fix this Next with Mike Michalowicz

The biggest challenge a business owner frequently has, is knowing what the biggest challenge is. If you just, “trust your gut,” when it comes to tackling a challenge, you’re likely to steer your business down the wrong path. So, how exactly can the business owner determine where the focus should be?

EP 170 | Write Your Book with Anna-Cairin McNamara

Writing a book is something many designers dream of doing but very few sit down to make it happen. Anna-Carin McNamara did write her book, and “Make a home to Love” not only showcases her gorgeous design work, it speaks to her process and philosophy, offering clients a permanent record of her expert aesthetic.

EP 169 | Start with the End in Mind with Nicole McGuire

Start with the end in mind. Isn’t that what we do, as designers? Clients come to a design professional with a vision of what they want to create—the end product or goal. Then, it’s our job to reverse engineer the design process to reach that goal.

EP 168 | Working Remotely with Rebecca Ward

Silver lining alert: it’s likely, this forced slow down will help us all be more comfortable with technology and working remotely. There are distinct advantages to being “remote ready”, including positioning your firm to take on those lucrative, out of town projects.

EP 166 | It’s all my Fault with Christie Leu

The surest sign of business maturity is the willingness to take responsibility and ownership for everything that’s happens in your business—especially those things which go wrong. BOD™ member and DC designer, Christie Leu says when there’s a problem, “it’s all her fault,” and that means, she can correct anything that isn’t working.

EP 162 | Expert in Not Giving Up with Nikki Fisher

If you’ve been in business longer than a couple of months, you are already familiar with the proverbial ups and downs—and yes, we are going to hit some bumps ahead for the foreseeable future. Still, when the going gets tough, what’s your default?

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