EP 162 | Expert in Not Giving Up with Nikki Fisher

If you’ve been in business longer than a couple of months, you are already familiar with the proverbial ups and downs—and yes, we are going to hit some bumps ahead for the foreseeable future. Still, when the going gets tough, what’s your default?

EP 154 | Goal Setting with Andrew Mitchell

If you’re run a design business for any length of time, you know the stakes are high. There are bound to be mistakes along the way, but strategic goals can keep you on a path that ultimately leads to success.

EP 153 | Architects and Designers with Ramona Albert

It is possible for interior design professionals to develop close and meaningful relationships with architects, but it requires a greater understanding of what each professional contributes. Spoiler alert, designers do more than pick furniture.

EP 152 | Pricing Creativity with Blair Enns – Part 2

It is possible to earn the respect of clients and trades while charging what you’re worth. Possible, but rarely easy. Pricing for Creativity author, Blair Enns and Kimberley Seldon discuss the merits of value-based pricing, while anticipating some of the largest obstacles in this two-part conversation.

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