EP 121 | Custom, But Not The Way We’ve Always Done It with Frank Eybsen and Heather Zeilman

Business of Design™ knows the success formula for creative professionals is 80% business + 20% creative. Once you get the 80% streamlined (hint: you do that by using the systems, protocols and strategies we teach at BOD™) you can lean into being creative. Specifying custom furniture on projects gives you an ideal opportunity to use those creative skills, elevate your brand and be more profitable.

EP 119 | Networking for Interior Design Pros with Tania Bell

In the design industry it’s paramount to have a quality team of suppliers, trades, manufacturers and makers behind you, to make you look good. In addition, developing strong relationships and maintaining them with current and past clients is essential to grow long-term success and keep your pipeline filled. Melbourne designer, Tania Bell says effective networking is how to succeed.

EP 117 | Never Give Your Power Away with Weston and Cristy Blankenship

Yes, you can be a creative and a powerful business owner. Take it from creatives Weston and Cristy Blankenship. They lost everything (we’re talking bankruptcy and homelessness) only to find they could start again and succeed by setting a new intention and stepping up to the challenge of being the boss. You (right now, whatever your circumstance) have the power to change your business and your life.

EP 115 | Never Open Bag with Lori Steeves

Clients hire an interior design professional for a variety of reasons, but certainly they are looking for direction and guidance. Too often, designers hesitate to make strong recommendations out of fear or a lack of confidence. It’s time to own your projects and confidently make suggestions.

EP 112 | What Not To Do with Layers and Layers

Our suppliers and trusted resource providers can offer a wealth of insight into how to run our businesses more efficiently and profitably. Seeking their advice can save you from making costly mistakes and position you to succeed.

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