All About Outlets

Not all outlets are created equal. In fact, there are different types of outlets (also known as receptacles) required for different electrical needs and spaces. Learn more from ESA’s Steve Smith and design expert Kimberley Seldon.

Successful Vendor Relationships

I’m so grateful to Luann Nigara who truly is living my vision of supporting the community and leaving behind old ideas about competition. Luann has a fabulous pod cast, a Well-Designed Business, which I’ve been a guest on a few times. I am turning the table on her in EP 019 Successful Vendor Relationships and, […]

Permits & Inspections

Planning a renovation or home project? All electrical installation, repair and replacement work in Ontario requires a permit be taken out by the person doing the work. This creates a permanent record of the work and triggers a review (inspection) process by ESA. Learn more about permits and inspections from ESA’s Steve Smith and design […]

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