Team BOD™ is so well respected in this industry

Business of Design™ has changed my world and really helped me focus not only on how to run a business but also about my WHY! Whenever we use Kimberley’s name the doors just fly open to us all – Team BOD™ is so well respected in this industry and we hope that we do you […]

Know your worth and don’t apologize for it.

I just found out today that a flat fee proposal that I did for a repeat client has been accepted. I am thrilled because I honestly thought they would baulk at the cost – it is so much more than last time (I used an hourly fee contract then and didn’t charge for 25% of […]

I feel more in control have more confidence.

Kimberley and Business of Design™ completely changed the way I ran my business. I feel more in control of my projects, more confidence in my processes, and upped my fees immediately. Within 2 weeks, I’d signed a client for about 3x what I would have previously charged. I highly recommend investing in yourself through BOD.

Kimberly’s process was the answer I needed.

Since becoming a member of Business of Design™ 18 months ago, my revenue has quadrupled and my clients are much happier. I’m really enjoying being a business owner now and have hired a purchasing coordinator and a junior designer. My best clients are coming back to work with me and the whole process from my […]

Luckily I found BOD just before I gave up.

If I could be a walking, talking representative for Kimberley and BOD, I would be. Oh wait, I already do that! I spent the first 6 months of my business going in circles, feeling discouraged, feeling lost and knowing that I was clearly doing something wrong and that there had to be an answer somewhere […]

I owe You and BOD a huge THANK-YOU!!!

My business is doing so well, I am expanding into a larger office, adding staff and moving into the busy downtown core of Kitchener Waterloo right beside the brand new Google building. And although I have worked my tail off I must say I owe You and BOD a huge THANK-YOU!!!

Things are moving in the right direction!

Hello BOD family! Here are few changes I have made: (1) I have implemented the 15 step process and formalized a contract. (2) Yep! I did it, I have taken my home office and moved it to Ottawa, within an engineer’s firm. This gives me access and or contact with other trades, and potential new work […]

The best thing I’ve done this year!

Honestly the best thing I’ve done this year for my business was to attend the Conference last year. I have gained 3 new clients from it and the full cost of the trip will have been paid back from the work I’ve been contracted for since. Secondly, I’m always continuing to connect with the ID […]

Soooo excited for BOD15!

I have made changes to my business this year in 3 ways: (1) Scheduled time off in advance and stuck to it! (2) Began working with a business coach, and implemented strategies to understand my income and expenses more thoroughly. (3) Hired another staff member to release me from my least favourite daily and weekly tasks. Soooo excited […]

I am working less and making more money.

With the help of my business coach I have started saying “NO” to any potential client or project that doesn’t fit my service offerings or ideal client profile or specific service offerings. It has made a world of difference! I currently love 90% of my clients and projects and most of my frustrations have completely disappeared. […]

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