You don’t need to know everything

May 17, 2017

We recently received this question from one of our members…

Q: I recently upped my consult fee significantly and got my first pre-paid meeting [at the new price!]. With this new build specification request [I am not normally familiar with] I’m still struggling. What if I turn up and get caught on not knowing something about specifying window frames for example? In an already built home I have no problem, but with a set of plans… I’m a little scared! I’m getting help from another designer with the process, but I want to lock in the consult, which will only be me! Any advice?

A: Hi there, We are so happy to hear you are charging for consults. Now, before you even arrive, the client is invested in your success. Plus, by the time you finish the consult you are at Step 3. That’s tangible progress the client can see.

Don’t be worried that you don’t know everything. I know very little! However, I always know who to ask. When a client asks about a building specification I can say, “That question falls into my contractor’s wheelhouse (or plumbers, or electricians etc). He’ll know the answer to that question. I’ll get the answer for you.” Once you realize it’s impossible to know everything, it really frees you up to feel more confident!